On Time

I have three masses for this day. One was the regular morning mass followed by a nuptial mass. The nuptial mass started late. The bride came late, they were been briefed before that they should come early because they have not yet confessed. Well as usual, the reason was that they have to finished with the make ups. I did not give the homily because it started late and I explained to them later that they should be mindful of the time because it is not only them that I have to attend to.

Javier Escano came to visit me and to ask some advice on his life as a father of three.

At 5:00 pm, we proceeded to Parian, Calamba, Laguna to say mass for the novena masses of the OCDS in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Since John cannot drive me because of the wounds he suffered, I asked Willy to do it because surely I cannot arrived on time because I do not yet know the place as the way they do. We arrived a minute before the scheduled time. The homily was centered on their apostolate to the priests, praying for them and helping them financially with their work. The same applies with those studying for priesthood. The Gospel of the day clearly states that those who welcome the servants of God will have peace along with their household.

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