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Little time and yet ther is much to be done. Well nobody is presurring me, maybe it is just me. I have decided to make a collection of all the catholic blogs as an additon to others. However, it has a feature that is not existent with the other directory. I used an additional widget to present this directory of which the content can be seen in the said site. it could ne accessed here. I am calling it Catholic blog directory

Here is the introduction I posted there:
After some reflection and prayerful discernment the author have come into a conclusion that an additional blog be created particularly for the directory of catholic blogs and website. Well a lot of time is already spent to some projects already at hand but it deem necessary to put anothercatholic directory for blogs and web sites.

For what reason? Well, this is the collection of the author with some modifications that can be found in the existing catholic directories. it is my personal choice of the author of which he believes beneficial for all. Some features will be added different from the existing site and particular as a sort of a internet window for other sites.

Second, the author believes that by engaging in this arena will develop his potential on discovering new ways from which catholic information can be disseminated in the internet.

For inclusion of your blog, just email the 
blog master.

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