Announcement: Site for the diocese of San Pablo Family and Life Commission

It was during our retreat that I approached Rev. Fr. Dodie Arupo for the site of the Diocesan Commission for Family and life. I told him that I am willing to help him for free to generate a site for the said commission especially for the information on the church stand on "reproductive health bill" being proposed on the Congress. 

With much deliberation, he accepted my offer. He is quite adamant to consider my proposal because of commenters. I told him, that there is nothing to be afraid of because we would like to affect the decision of the faithful and we have to be open. It is still up to him to consider any questions and comments on the site to be posted. 

It was only on the eve of the feast of St. Augustine (August 27, 2008), that he sent his first materials to be posted. Though, there is a lot of work for the preparation for the Feast day, I decided to open an account also on blogspot and posted the said materials on the internet. So, the official site for the Commission of Family and life on the internet is here:  

it is only now that I have time to announce it because of pastoral duties, especially before, during and after the feast of St. Augustine.

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