Annual Retreat

Franciscan sister giving orientation

I arrive in Tagaytay at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was been a time to be still and have some moments of reflection. The first day is really a time to settle in for some rest both in mind and body. There is no schedule except the orientation from the nuns who are managing the retreat center and from the retreat director.

Personally the retreat is more an invigorating moment to charge one's spirituality and to give some time on some major decision that I have made. To side aside the mistakes and triumps of my life for the past year. It is a humble experience to see that with all the effort that we oured only comes from the merciful love of our Creator, Saviour and Sanctifier.
Msgr. Alex Amante giving some instruction
Since I was ordained, this is the simplest cabinet I have ever since for a five day retreat
We are travelers in this world, there is no need for luxury

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