First Award!

Since, I started blogging, this is the first time I received an award from an individual. This one from Ruthi, the author of a carpenter's wife toolbox. It is also a great feeling to know that ther are individuals who like my blog. Well, it strengthen my will to continue the work, though this blog is  more a personal blog, a journal to express myself and to put my experience, thoughts and feelings in a written piece of work, principally for me for my personality development. 

I am a reserve person, I ussually do not tell something of myself so easily. Well, sometimes I incorporated my experiences in homily, but it is for rare occasssions. I was used to write my daily journals during my seminary formation and early days of priesthood. I am keeping some of time till now. Blogging through the internet is also like journal making, the only difference is that it is not kept for oneself, It can be discovered and accessed by those who uses the internet. Though you could still make one as a private one.

Going back to the award, I am thanking Ruthi for giving me recognition as one of the coolest blog. Here is her letter:

BTW... I gave this blog of yours the COOLEST BLOG Award... if you are interested you can get your trophy in my Carpenter's WIFE's tool box[CLICK HERE to read the post] and you can display it here if you want to... no obligation. 
I posted my response to her blog with these words of gratitude:

Thanks for the award, I started blogging simply for the reason that Iwant to express my insights and especially my feelings. this was recommended to me by my spiritual director. I have kept my life journals before for my private notes before. When I have the internet access last year because my present assignment give me the opportunity for internet connection unlike my last assignment that put me in internet isolation, I decided to start to post my journal to the internet. I thought before that It will not be noticed because the traffic was not that huge. Anyway, thank you for appreciating me and my blog. More power! God Bless You!!!