First Friday Devotion (October 2008)

First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a widespread devotion not only to Philippines but to the whole world for Catholics. There are a lot of request for the First Friday Masses. I would like to fill up the needs but I could not find priests to celebrate mass with them. I do not have a parochial vicar, commonly known as assistant parish priest. Priest studing in University of the Philippines coming from Divine Word Congregation and from other countries have classes also during fridays.

Presently, I could  celebrate Masses for the two catholic schools of the parish, the Liceo de Bay and Fr. Lipani School and one Mass for the Secondary public school of Masaya and Little People School Incorporated, a private institution.

Though, I am proposing to celebrate mass in other school for Friday other than the First Friday have not received a favorable response, they really want the First Friday.

First Friday is taken as a special day for these people but since the scarcity of priest cannot accomodate them. So, the proposal is a substitue for the said devotion and a way of preparing these students to receive the outmost grace of the sacrament of the Holy eucharist. Maybe, a more convincing explaination is needed.

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