A friend with a tumor

A friend who has just celebrated her birthday yesterday came to visit me asking for strength because she was diagnose with a cancerous tumor. The neurologist who diagnosed her said that she must be operated as soon as possible and not later on after three weeks.

She was quite hysterical that she cannot accept the fact of her sickness. There are a lot of question asking why this thing happens to her. Frankly, the only thing i said to her is that, we cannot deny this fact as the specialist have already given her the diagnosis. One thing that we can do is to accept this hard fact and we have to face it. What I can say is simply to speak out my mind that God has given each and everyone of us a borrowed time in this earth. Everyone of us will surely come to terms with our own death.

The neurologist did not really spicify what kind of cancer but a tumor has already developed in a a sized no longer be taken as an ordinary tumor.

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