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I am fun of experimenting. Experimenting from whatever sort of things that can be touched by my hand. I am not really certain if I have a keen on being a scientist. And this includes in making some widgets. Even before the google come out with some applications on the internet incorporated with the blogger or rather in blogspot, ther are some of which I included before in this blog. One of them is the news feeds. Before thay have the automatic configuration it was been a raw application, now it was one of the features that authomatically give you the freah feed of the news from which you directed to be included.

one of my present widget is a collection of links and pictures of the blog I am maintaining. I am modifying it to save some space in regards of its pixels.


Well, this is just a simple widget but for it it is of grat help as a part of footer both to blogspot and wordpress flatforms. At least it is mine.

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