All Saints Day

Today, we celebrate the feats of All Saints Day. The Catholic Church commemorates all holy men and women of all ages known and unknown. We believe that those who have faith in God who made all things, to his Son, Jesus Christ who give himself for the salvation of mankind, and to the Paraclete who constantly guide each and everyone of us to the path of truth and holiness and persevere up to the last for that said belief by being a living witness will receive eternal life. For centuries, faithful catholics who have walk to that path surely been in the abode of God in heaven. We remember them today as a reminder that heaven is our proper place for the time to come.

A clear reminder that there are saints in our midst. It could be our loved ones who have died or a distant relative. i believe that my sister, Mary Joy, who died just days after her birth is now in heaven along with the saints canonically recognized with the Church, of the angels and of God. She is surely one of them praying for our safety.

When problem comes, I also ask her intercession as the way I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints.

There are some member of the congregation who asked me why we then celebrate All Saints' Day is during November 1 when the proper feast day of All saints Day is November one and that of All Souls' Day is November 2.

Since these are the two feast days in the calendar of the Catholic Church, historically for practical purpose the double celebration is held on the day November one which was been the official holiday of the Philippine Government which was been taken from the calendar of the Church which has primary importance than the celebration of November 2. In the calendar of the Church All Saints Day is a solemnity while All Souls Day is a commemoration only.

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