Illegal Drugs Clearance

Yesterday, one of the Philippine National Police officers came to my office asking me to sign papers containing reports of the barangay within my jurisdiction concerning the use, manufacture and selling of illegal drugs such as marijuana and shabu.

I told him that I could not sign it immediately because I do not have a clear data concerning this matter. I asked them to give me two week from yesterday to decide on this matter. So, before I end my Mass today this early morning, I asked the congregation whether they have sufficient information concerning this matter so that I will not led astray on my decision. I told them that I will announce this also on Sunday masses to have an enough participation from my parishioners.

Right after the Mass, parishioners from three of my barangay have already spoken of the presence of at least illegal drug pushers and illegal drug users. I have a total of fifteen barangays here in Bay, laguna, Philippines

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