Below is the result of the code through the FOAF form. It should be posted in a website but I do not have one for the moment. So, I posted it here.

This is the introduction I have copied in FOAF-a-matic
"FOAF-a-matic is a simple Javascript application that allows you to create a FOAF ("Friend-of-A-Friend") description of yourself. You can read more about FOAF in Edd Dumbill's "XML Watch: Finding friends with XML and RDF" article, at the FOAF homepage on RDFWeb, and also the FOAF vocabulary description.

In short though, FOAF is a way to describe yourself -- your name, email address, and the people you're friends with -- using XML and RDF. This allows software to process these descriptions, perhaps as part of an automated search engine, to discover information about your and the communities of which you're a member. FOAF has the potential to drive many new interesting developments in online communities. Ben Hammersely's "Click to the Clique" article for the Guardian Unlimited website further explores these ideas.

The FOAF-a-Matic is being provided as a quick and easy way for you to create your own FOAF description. Simply work through the forms on this page and complete whichever details you'd like to add to your description. As a minimum you'll need to supply your name and email address, and similarly for any friends you might add. It's worth adding a few friends to your description (but feel free to add as many as you like) because then when FOAF harvesters index your FOAF description, they'll be able to tie you all together as a network of individuals.

Note: none of the information you enter in this page is used or stored in any way. The processing is entirely client-side, so your privacy is assured."

Jessie Somosierra
Rev. Fr.

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