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Some marriageable but unmarried friends will sometimes ask me to look for a partner for them. Well, it has been a long time to be serious about their request. maybe because I thought that they are just joking. On the other hand upon reflecting much of this subject matter, it is also imperative to give some occasions for such a request. The documents of the Catholic church clearly gives us a go signal concerning this matter. It is clear in the document familiaris consortio that it is the duty of the church to prepare the faithful for marriage life even up to the early stage of life so that they may be responsible individual and a God fearing citizen and faithful. The Church is full of ideals concerning this matter. upon reflection, it is clear to me that there is a necessity to offer such venue for young faithful to have an enough information and be able to choose the right person for his/her partner in life.

Yes, there are a lot of dating sites, even of catholic dating sites. However, it will not hurt if in my own capacity would like to add to such listing. Dating sites, including catholic dating sites have been succumbed to commercialization and have sometimes forgot the very purpose of their existence. Maybe because any legal entity in the internet have to be run also by money for its existence. I have found a site of which this "catholic singles" can be housed for free, hoping that the networking site will remain free.

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