Internet Service Provider Changed

As we journey towards easter season that connotes new reality in Christ has also help me to make some changes in my everyday life, the same applies with my blogging activities.

For four months, I suffered from the loss of internet connection due to wrong decision. I cut my smart bro connection of which I have used for three years since my assignment here in St. Augustine Parish. The reason I cut it off because it was during these third year that the said internet provider have a lot of technical issues that cannot be addressed immediately. I have called them from time to time to report incidents of loss or insufficient bandwidth. But you will only be told to write on the report number and follow up after 24 hours. So much of the follow up.

It was on the first week of January of this year that I decided to cut off the said connection thinking that there are connections ready on my site. But I act immediately without proper assessment. First, I applied with the Pldt DSL. I have an existing pldt line that I applied upon I arrived here three years ago, but it took me a month before a connection was established with my phone line. I assumed that since I have a pldt line, it can accommodate the dsl connection, I was proven wrong. My existing line does not yet used fiber optic wires. There is Pldt Dsl line only in my three barrangays, Masaya, Dila and San Antonio. The poblacion is not yet included. I only learned it after a month of my application when I am following my application. My best choice is pldt line because of its stable connection than the wireless provider. This development has put once more on         hold.

My next stop was the wired Globe telecom that offers telecommunication and internet. There is a service are but there is enough box to accommodate me. That's what they say. In a certain location they allotted a box that can accommodate only ten (10) subscribers. They told me to wait or to avail of their wireless connection. I preferred  the wired connection so I waited. I have waited so long that it has make tired of following up the matter. I told their representatives that why do you not want to increase your   subscribers by updating your facilities. They just smiled.

It has made me to travel to Los Banos to try the last wired internet service provider that is wired, Kwiknet. A cable TV that was been upgraded to accommodate the internet users as a come on for their service. It has a week  trial to test their service. I tried the said provider. Aside from a high amount of price for the said service and I cannot even access some sites such as the They allow me to use their service for one week as stipulated in the agreement but it took them three weeks to come back to follow up the matter. So, I decided to let them take away their gadgets and look for other existing alternatives.

There are only two remaining internet provider that I can chose from. The wireless Globe and my former provider wireless Smartbro. I already experience Smartbro for three years, so I decided to apply for the wireless Globe. It was on the third week of lent that I passed my application but the technicians came only on the Saturday of the first week of easter. Since I have  a scheduled weddings during the said day, I lewt them installed the antenna and let them come back on the afternoon. Wanted to test the capability and the existing connection before the signing of contract, I make use of the time to let them maximized the capability by aligning the antenna to the right direction.

After four months of waiting, at last, a connection was made available. Reflecting on this experience, there are some lesson that we can learn from.

1. There are a lot of things that we should not presumed on this earth, or we shall see ourselves is desperation. Inquire and make all possible options viable with attached documentation.

2. Internet connection though presently available is still expensive. The March or April issue of the Time Magazine has coined it as the black gold of the present.

3. Is there really no hope on upgrading our system to match up a first class service in our existing internet provider. Will be the new players to the field that can offer a more effective and efficient service? Since service is what we provide to the people on the way we should communicate to our God. It is also a challenge  for me personally to give more time on this matter.

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