Thursday of the First Week in Ordinary Time (January 13, 2011)

First Reading (Heb 3:7-14)
Responsorial Psalm (Ps 95:6-7c, 8-9, 10-11)
Gospel Mk 1:40-45

"Tell no one anything". Jesus warned the lepers whom he just healed.The leper was not been able to follow the instruction of Jesus for several reasons. Maybe he was so joyful and elated on the miracle he himself was blessed. Maybe he was too overjoyed to forget the bidding of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Wondering that one was able to free himself from the bondage of the most malignant disease of the time. he escaped the formidable and continues pain of disease of the skin that no medicine can cure during his time.

Yes, I agree that there might be some reason why the healed leper forgot the instruction of Jesus not to tell anyone. However, this action had led to some consequences that might not been on the mind of the healed leper when he told someone on this miracles that Jesus had performed. Jesus was not been able to roam the city freely because of the crowds that swarms on Jesus feet.

On the second thought, if ever the leper was been able to hold his tongue, will the spread of his miracles and wonders will be impeded? Surely not. as the Bible has spoken, the "stone will shout" the glory of the Lord.

What is more important here that we should not forget is the words spoken by Jesus as he healed he heals the leper, I do will it that you be cleaned. Jesus want us to be cleaned, to be healed, to be well again. he wants to be whole again.

May our life be always be reminded with the goodness of the Lord and his wish that all may be well. Yes, sickness, hardship, sufferings, tribulations, problems, and unwanted happenings cross our path from time to time. But God always wants us all be well always.


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