Diocese of San Pablo in Ning Network Status

Maintaining blog is not an easy work. Even if it is part of your job description. I have tried also to have a network in Nng for the Diocese of San Pablo but unfortunately it has started charging when the network has gained some internet importance on the World Wide World.

There is an option if someone wish to continue but with a fee, $2.95 for Mini,$24.95 for Plus and 59.95 for the Pro monthly.

Instead of paying this amount, I will just download the file that I can gather from the previous sites hoping that I can get them in a good shape. I will just make another blog in blogspot.com. So far, this is the only way that I can do for now.

I do not have enough resources to get my own domain name nor the resources to park them. Since blogspot is offering it still for free why not grab this opportunity. What I believe that what is needed for the moment based on the resources that i have is that making use of it to become more productive in terms of its activity on delivering the right message that the people would like to know about the site.

After I can finish the download of the materials posted in the defunct sanpablo.ning.com and sanpablodiocese.ning.com, it will be posted on this site as a slideshow in this site sanpablodiocese.blogspot.com. Anyone who wishes to contribute orany picture, post, or video concerning any activity of the faithful in the diocese of San Pablo especially with those of diocesan in nature may post on my  facebook account  https://www.facebook.com/frjessie or email me at jsomosierra@yahoo.com.