World Youth Day Madrid 2011

It was late to notice that the last World Youth Day has also an android application.The author stumbled upon it when he noticed that Rio World Youth Day announced its own application, iJuventude both in apple and in android. This was created by Iboo Mobile.

The application launched has four points:

* JMJ Minute: get access to all matters related to current event: program, news, JMJ TV ads of the organization, weather forecasting, access to WYD twitter, etc..

* My Moments: where encontratás a space dedicated to the original sentence with a virtual tool to pray the Rosary, a system for requests and add up sentences and texts to follow the ceremony. In parallel you can enjoy a section dedicated to free time with a guide WYD sights, music and access to official photos of the WYD.

* Information services: This section is dedicated to things like give useful advice for pilgrims and information related to wi-fi areas, emergencies, security, catering and transport.

* Share: How could it be otherwise, the application can share with friends on twitter, facebook or email.