San Pablo celebrates 416th Fiesta and 17th Coco Festival

SAN PABLO City, Jan. 14, 2012—The City of San Pablo is celebrating its 416th Fiesta anniversary January 15 with the launching of the nine-day 17th Coco Festival.

The pre-Fiesta events include scores of activities aimed at augmenting tourism, culture and tradition, religion, economy and life of the city.

Novena Masses at the Cathedral started January 7 and will culminate on January 15, feast day of St. Paul, the First Hermit, the city’s patron Saint.

The 9-day Coco Festival included the much-awaited Coco Street Dancing Competition, Float Parade and Coco Carnival Queen which took place January 13 at the City Plaza.

Other activities were the Grand Fashion Show of Munting Lakan at Mutya, Coco Star and Lakan at Mutya, the United Pastoral Council Night, Department of Education Night of dances and songs, and Sanggunian Panlunsod/SK Night.

Leading the Church Feastday Sunday celebration is Laguna Bishop Leo M. Drona who will preside the concelebrated 9 am Mass at the Cathedral and will be assisted by Parish Priest Msgr. Melchor Barcenas with other members of the clergy.

Retired Bishop of Pasig and former prelate of this diocese, Most Rev. Francisco San Diego will also preside the 7:45 am Mass. The other schedules include Masses at 4:45 am, 6:15 am, 2 pm, 4 pm, 5:15 pm and 6:30 pm.

San Pablo City was Founded and Established under its Patron Saint Paul, The First Hermit by the Augustinian Friars in January of 1596.

Documents showed that Saint Paul the 1st Hermit is also known as Saint Paul of Thebes who died at about 345 AD and canonized in 491AD by Pope Gelasius I. After his death, a monastery founded on Mount Sinai took him as its model. The said monastery which could be referring to the Monastery of St. Catherine in Egypt, still exists today. (Fr. Romy Ponte)