Church will remain faithful to its doctrines—CBCP head

MANILA, March 7, 2012— CBCP President and Cebu Archbishop Jose S. Palma said that the Catholic Church will remain faithful to its doctrines even as it strives to be relevant in the changing times.

The Church strives to be relevant but unity and historicity remain at the heart of the Church, he said.

The prelate was reacting over reports that a “test vote” on the Reproductive Health bill will be made any day now.

Palma said they did not discuss the issue during the Permanent Council meeting yesterday, and he is surprised why such a strange process would be made.

“I don’t understand the significance of a test vote,” Palma told reporters. He said there have been enough debates and if there’s a need to share new developments then it would still be acceptable.

If the proponents of reproductive health bill expect that the CBCP under a new administration would be amenable to changes, there wouldn’t be any, he said.

“The policies, doctrines and approaches will remain the same as new members of any council will not change doctrines,” said the CBCP chief.

Palma, meanwhile expressed satisfaction with the kind of attention given by the Catholic faithful to surveys conducted recently in various radio and television programs.

He expressed his appreciation to concerned Catholics who have flooded media surveys on the controversial Reproductive Health bill. (Melo M. Acuna)