Are you a Happy Priest?

Priest from all over Laguna province, comprises the Diocese of San Pablo, arrive since 8:00 in the morning of August 25, 2014 until 10:00 in the evening, Monday of the 21st Sunday of the ordinary time. Retreat officially started with an evening prayer at 6:30 in the evening, followed by supper and an orientation by the house administrator facilitated with the Dominican sister in the person of Sr. Nely Sumagaysay. Rev. Fr. Rolando Dela Rosa, OP orient us on this retreat follows afterwards.

Are you a happy priest? The keynote that is not only present on the surveys conducted in American Priests and on the National Congress for Philippine Priest last 2010 but should be responded with the resounding yes but most of all in our daily lives.The priests including the Bishop comprises the 106 retreatants.