Golden Vestment

As the feast of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist is approaching, the parish of Saint John the Baptist in Liliw, Laguna showcases the Golden Vestment of Pope John Paul II when he visited the Philippines during the World Youth Day 1995. As we remember the martyrdom of the precursor of our Lord Jesus Christ, werare reminded of holy people like saint Pope John Paul II who in their way have shown great love to the Christ, the Son of the living God. As you visit the parish Church in Liliw, Laguna especially on the occasion of its feast day try to be emulated in following Jesus as you gaze on the vestment of Pope John Paull II. The said relic according to Rev. Fr. Marci Dijan, the parish priest will stay there until August 30, it will be returned afterwards to the Archdiocese of Manila where it is kept for safekeeping.  it is unfortunate that I cannot catch this opportunity as this coming week is our annual retreat in Baguio. 

Pictures courtesy of Nancy Casao and Fr. Marci Dijan