Accident and Annointing of the Sick

This morning, we went to paete to inquire on the images of the three kings and other images of the Belen or the Nativity set of our Lord Jesus Christ because the parish does not have a complete set, we only had the holy family.

On our way, when we reach Sta. Cruz Laguna, I noticed a motorcycle  in the middle of the  left side of the road/ When I slowed down, I saw a man lying down so I stop the car and immediately told my companions to get the sick call kit. The Man is gushing with blood. I pulsed him and there  is nothing I could felt. I administered the anointing of the sick immediately. I told the passerby to fetch the nearest police station in the vicinity.

The conductor of the bus that ahead of us is telling me that the motorcycle slipped and it slammed in the Bus. Here are some pictures. I advise you that this can be graphic. For those who are not familiar with the sight of blood, beware!
Whoever he may be may God grant him eternal rest, Amen.