Saint Apollinaris

Saint Apollinaris is a native of Antioch in a Roman Province of Syria during his time. According to tradition , he was ordained himself by St. Peter, the Apostle and became the first bishop of Ravenna. People was drawn through his preaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and  miracles he performed. He tried to protect his people from persecutions against the pagans and died on the process.

His date of death is unknown. His feast is celebrated on July 22 during the Tridentine period, In 1969, he feast was removed from the General Roman Calendar to give way to the feast of St. Bridget of Sweden but his name was not removed from the list of Roman Martyrology. There are many proclaimed saints that are not included to the General Roman Calendar but can still be celebrated in the local churches they are known and venerated. His Memorial was restored in 2002 in the Roman Missal edition on the date nearest to July 22 with no other existing celebration which is July 20.