SCIP on Vietnam

Every summer, CBCP- ECCE host the Summer Catechetical Institute for Priest to foster the love of catechism among the priest and to instruct pertinent materials for the enhancement of catechetical instruction among the ministers involve in catechesis, Last Summer, the Summer Catechetical Institute for Priest (SCIP) was held in Vietnam. An attempt to understand also the initiatives of other cultures and nationalities in proclaiming the Word of God in their unique environment and struggles. 

The topic of this year's SCIP was Living the Joy of the Gospel. The Church in Dialogue. The video of the talks during the said seminars can be accessed in my YouTube account frjess.

Though it was only the second time that I left the country, both Asian countries and for seminars. As I remember the experience, there are things I would like to share:

1. Vietnamese people east of less oil and more of herbs.
2. The persecuted Church is supported by the Vietnamese Catholics outside the country
3. There is no Catholic Schools but the parishes develop a special catechetical instructions in every parishes.
4. Catechetical Instructions are given after school hours twice a week for three years for those who would be prepared for the reception of the sacrament of Holy Communion, another three years for those who will be confirmed and three years for those who will be help to decide what vocations they will take.
5. The catechists are all volunters.
6. Though Catholics is of minority, Vietnam is ripe for reaping for priests and nuns. Seminaries are full of seminarians, There is a seminary we visited that has 500 seminarians, three hundred on philosophy and two hundred in theology departments.
7. They have a very fast internet compared to us.