Why Smart is no Longer Smart.

Everyday, I am receiving text messages that says it seems like your phone or device is trying to access site not included in your current data package. Yes, my dear friends, everyday. I will include two pictures which shows three consecutive days of receiving the same text message. I am not opening my data because I do not have money to be online every time. So, I say to Smart. Are you serious or you are just have enough time and resources for your unwanted promotional stunts to annoy people within your network? Have we lost our professionalism for the lure of more money for subscriptions? Or it is just a computer glitch that no one in your army of technicians can handle?  Or you are just numb to the customer feedback you are receiving because the other end receiving the calls are outsource call center agents that can be patient enough to hear the ire, grunting and displeasure of customers because it is their bread and butter?

My apologies for reading this blog for such an outburst of feelings that I have express. Some say it is also therapeutic. yes, it is not only for me but also for those who may have the same experience so that they may also feel that they are not alone in their perceptions and experiences. On the same way, I have come into two deep realizations. First, to be more patient with the incapacities and irresponsibilities of people around me. We cannot chose the people whom we may encounter or simply bumped into our lives, even in our phones and gadgets. Second, To try harder to move people's sense of understanding to a more deeper and greater understanding of the issue at hand because sometimes, i let it to pass, simply because i can withstand the inconvenience it may bring to me personally but I might lose the opportunity ti impart knowledge and wisdom.