Making your non Smart TV a likely Smart TV

I have just learn from my neighbor that you can make your TV a Smart TV. A Smart TV is far more expensive than a non Smart TV but there are ways that can de done without dousing out extra money or do not have the resources for the moment. There are some application that I am still trying out to make use of this new technology.

However, the basic requirement is that you have a non Smert TV that has HDMI port. You can find the port at the back of your TV. According the Wikipedia HDMI or the High Definition Multimedia Interface port first came out thirteen years ago on the late 2003. So if your TV was manufactured not necessarily bought on the late 2003 it might have a HDMI port.

Why HDMI port because it is where an another device need to be connected. Any casting device can do. There are many casting device in the market today but I am using the Chromecast 2 device.You just have to plug it on and install the application through your mobile phone or tablet using the internet connection. Yes, Any Smart TV needs internet connection.

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