Voices are Heard

“Share ko lang po, observe nyo rin. Nasa Bdesh po ako, pero taga San Pedro po kami. Doon po sa area namin sa Bgy. Langgam me chapel. Ang sermon po dun today ay tungkol daw sa extrajucial killing, simbahan yan at bawat papasok daw po sa loob ng church kailangan pumirma para ma impeach si DDS. Di na po tamahyang mga pari na yan nang gigil po kami sa inis ng mga kapatid ko.”

 This is a copy of the text I copied to one of the internet news outlet who are not responsible enough to clarify the issue. Although the Parish Priest of St. Peter, the Apostle in Poblacion, San Pedro City, Rev. Fr. Pablo Bugay and the Parish Priest of St. Joseph, The Patriach of Langgam, Rev. Fr. David Reyes, San Pedro City have already spoken through Radio Veritas and denied any report of signature campaign to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

The news item was taken from a Facebook page. The text have prompted me to look deeply on our mission to deliver the Word of God to the faithful. We are not sure here if the individual concern here is a Catholic Faithful or not or has a Catholic family members or friends which is the source of his/her observation. However, someway or another we have struck some sentiments that our voices cannot be silence when we speak of the safeguarding of lives and our effort to stop the reimposition of the Death Penalty and the ongoing practice of Extra Judicial Killing. Again I invite you to read the Pastoral Letter of the Bishop of the Diocese of San Pablo concerning this matter.