For Persecuted Christians

This month's intention of the Holy Father which is printed in every ORDO and to the pamphlet of every member of the Apostleship of Prayer is for the Persecuted Christians everywhere in the world. Although, here in the Philippines we are slightly being intimidated because of our belief in some political issues, it has nothing in comparison with our  neighboring brethren who suffered much because of their faith in our God and in Jesus Christ, our Lord with the Holy Spirit.

Though, formally no country or group of people who will announce that part of their program is the eradication of whom they believe as non believer because it is different from their belief system. Is it also maybe because of our belief of non-violence that we are susceptible for abuse and violent act. Not, it is not our belief that make us a prey for others but because they believe otherwise and this belief runs in blatant opposite of us of non violence. So it is not only on the issue of different belief system but rather on the belief of violence or non violence way on dealing with the subject matter.

It is of no issue that since all believe that the faith everyone hold is the true faith, and since it is a belief that one hold to a faith that he or she hold as true will try to change others who are not like one's belief. Yes, anybody will come across that threshold of understanding. The only question now is how to let others know or understand and come to a realization that this one is the true belief. The problem is that others ascertain that violence is the way. We don't.

Can we overcome this difficulty of rising from persecutions without the use of violence. Yes, we believe that we can do because it is the work of God, and God will manifest in our presence. History have shown us that we rise up from multitudes of persecutions because Christ himself have risen from the dead out of hatred from the Jews.

this is a difficult situation because it involves life and death realities which God has still spared many of us. Let us pray for our persecuted brethren to remain steadfast on their faith and ask for their prayers to emulate and strengthen us to be faithful.

I remember this Ash Wednesday when I was approached by one of our Lay Ministers of Communion that we are barred from entering in one of the public High School within the parishes because she was a Born Again. it has come into my mind to pray that God will punished her for that. But as of belief clearly says pray for the persecuted and for the persecutors. However, it has baffled me that there are Christians who are fundamentalist enough to be so self righteous and non cooperative believing like an unChristian way. let us also pray that we who are being challenged and experiencing mild or heavy persecutions will be strong enough not to fight back like the way the persecutors do but on the way Christ have taught us. First, we pray. Second, donate for Catholic Churches and faithful undergoing persecutions