Youcat dot Ph

I voluntered to be a part of the web team of the YouCat development team for its website and mobile application. I have some preliminary talks with the one in charge of the project, Philippe Toda as one of the volumters in-charge with the YouCat. 

Youcat is the combination of the words Youth and Catholic and Catechism. Youcat is the official Website of the Youcat Philippine Foundation.  Their site speaks of the as "the abbreviation of YOUTH and CATECHISM. As a book, it is a manual of faith that speaks the language of the youth. However, YOUCAT is not just a book... We are a community! The YOUCAT will be our tool to enlighten the young in the beauty of our faith and the truth of the gospel. Using this tool, we shall go to them and together with them we shall make YOUCAT more than just a book but rather a way of life."

I will be glad to help, fundamentally, From the first glance these are my observations about the site.
Positively the site is pretty cool because it is snap and looks smart, slide type, you can see the basics in a glance. However, there is not enough material, too skimpy. It is like a woman in a mini skirt. One of the lessons I learned in making blogs and websites is that do not put bad links. Do not put downloadable signs when there is no downloadable materials.
Also, I tested the sitee with the help of Google and this is the result.
Wow!, mobile friendliness is 100 out of 100. I never had that on my two sites I have tested and
On the other hand the two remaining tests have failed, it has not even reached the media.

Well, there is a lot of works to be done here, Hoping to hope in the future. I am quite excited to be of help especially for the proclamation of the Kingdom of God specially for the youth of today.