Gratitude and Mobility

Gratitude and Mobility
Mk 1:29-39

What happened yesterday in wowowee is no longer a secret to you. It has left 73 dead and 355 wounded. We pray for them. This is the flight of our fellow Filipinos who are like Jacob is complaining for the sufferings and hardships in this life. However, we should not lose hope because God is constantly seeking us, to help us and to heal us. This is what He did to the mother-in-law of Peter. Jesus entered Peter’s house and healed the woman in her high fever. However, the message does not end here. After she was healed by Jesus, she immediately helps Jesus and the apostles in their work. This demonstrate not only the effective power of the Lord Jesus Christ that inflicts instant healing but also the goodness of Peter’s mother-in-law to offer her service as natural reaction of a human being that her life is for the service of others and as a gratitude to the Lord for strength and health. She put herself in the service in Jesus and the Apostles so that they can perform their duties more efficiently and effectively in the proclamation of the world of God.

On the other hand, we saw Jesus explaining to Peter, the apostles and to the people who are following him that he must go to other place to proclaim the Good News of Salvation. This is his mission. This s the reason he left Capernaum, so that others might receive guidance and healing from the Lord. It does not mean that they were abandoned and forsaken for the sake of others. It is even a venue to test whether they have really assimilated the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ that they continue living the teachings that gives an eternal life without close supervision. Those who have seen the light must lead those who have been living in darkness.

These two important things are challenging us to
To show our gratefulness in service with others. People who felt the goodness of the Lord flows like a spring water. Let us not live in condemnation of the inequalities and suffering that one may encounter in this world. Let us ask ourselves of what gift God has given to us, so that we may see our purpose of this life. If God has given you, do you have a heart to extend it to others especially for the promotion of the proclamation of the Word of God?

I remember one of my parishioner who suffered lose ion his business because his house and store was been burned down from a fire. Though his house and store is not far from the parish church, he does not go to mass regularly. When the fire broke down his property and business, he asked the Lord that he may recover from his loses. Some of his fellow businessman lends him some money without interest. After two years, he recovered all what he lost. However, the difference now is that he regularly goes to mass and no longer open his store his Sundays. He was since then a regular supporter of the Vocation ministry in his parish. Vocation ministry is the one who are helping men who would like to enter priesthood but the family could not afford to burden all the expenses.

The words of Jesus Christ echoes that priests cannot stay in one parish forever. He has to move on to another place or parish, whatever might his assignment be based on the decisions of those in authority. When priests are reshuffles for new assignments, there are mixed reactions. Some are happy, some are sad. However there things that should you always remember.
Two reasons.
It is for the good of the community. The community or the parish is a diverse conglomerate of persons that has different personalities and needs. One priest could not cater to all this needs and the scarcity of priests hinders team ministry. Reshuffle of the parish priests could expose the communities to different strategies
It is for the good of the priest. His ministry will evolve as he exposed himself to different communities and situations. This is also a witness to the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians that he is slave of nobody but of service to all.
However, it should be noted that the main reason is that one must explore all the possible and efficient means to further the growth of the proclamation of the Word of God, under the specified time. As a priest one must exert all efforts according to his capacity in relation to the capacity of the parishioners and cooperation.

We are now compelled to further the mission according to the time span given to us