Feast of St. Joseph/Labor Day

Today, we celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph, husband of Mary, and the protector of the Holy family. The feats of St. Joseph is being celebrated in the Church Calendar twice. Th other one is every March 19 as the protector of the Church and model of a good father. Today, we reflect more on his being a carpenter, a worker, someone who have been an exemplar of a good laborer and the champion of the causes of labor. Of course, there is no such thing as labor issues of today during the time of St. Joseph. However, we look on St. Joseph as the one who could be an image of which the rights of laborer could be protected.One of the most powerful description of this man is a "just man". An Honor bestowed to him by the Church

As we honor, St. Joseph, the patron of workers may we be like him a just man, both as worker and as employer.
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One of my barrios, Puypuy celebrates its fiesta today in Honor of Sto. Nino. Though, the church celebrates today the feast of St. Joseph, there are certain places especially the baranggays celebrates other saints not in parallel with the Church calendar.
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Children summer camp starts today. It is one way of catering to the needs of the children. There are catechists during school days in public schools system but there are also children who are studing in private non-catholic schools. So we have to offer them to care for them. It is also a venue for a continued ministry to the children. Our youth is the group in-charge with the catechesis and other activities of the said summer camp.
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