Mt Carmel

Mount Carmel is one of the religious sites of Christian faith. Somebody send me a letter asking me to link his site on this blog. The site is more of tourist in nature but it could be of help as an additional information about this mountain which is very significant to our faith.

The Mt Carmel is a location of touristic and religious importance. It is a mountain range located in Northern Israel.

The Mt Carmel in Israel, mean a lot of things to a lot of people, historically and otherwise.

Even in ancient and current lore, Mt Carmel has been described as The Vineyards of God . It holds immense touristic importance to the people of Israel and the Middle East in general.

Religiously it holds a large amount of significance to Jewish Islamic and Christian cultures as among other things it was said to be the place from where Elijah performed some of the historical acts recorded in most holy books.

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