Busy day as ussual

Filling the posts especially during busy days have really been painful because I have to reflect and think of a lot of flashbacks that happen in my life especially if the post have been left vacant for two week or more. Just like this entry. I was been lazy or I have no time to write it down in my journal. The very fact that I have used this blog in the Internet is because I do not want to rewrite what I would like to post. Besides from my not so good penmanship it will require myself to edit my previous hand written piece.

Of course, Sunday as the rest of Sundays in the life of a catholic parish priest is a hectic schedule, the busiest day in the life of a pastor.

St. Augustine parish has an everyday mass at early in the morning. On Sundays, there are four (4) regular masses in the parish church and three in the barrangay. I get the two regular masses in the parish and one in the barrangay and reserve the last one for funeral Mass every one o'clock in the afternoon. many parishioners cannot understand that priests can only say four (4) masses at maximum at every Sunday. Many faithful thought that a priest can say any number of masses specially on Sundays. Even if you explained to them that it is the regulation of the church as stipulated in the Canon Law that only four masses are allowed for every priest on sundays, they seems cannot understand.

The regular schedule of Masses in the Parish are 6:30 AM, 8:30 AM, 10:00 Am and 4:30 PM.

The regular canonical interview for couples to be married is conducted every Sunday afternoon from one o'clock to four thirty. Given the time element, I put the maximum number of couples to be interviewed at six (6).

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