Pondo ng Pinoy Videos

After my two funeral masses for +Benito and +Perfecto, I have tried to consolidate my works. What I was trying to find out for the last three days was to convert video from DVD to mpeg 4. I was trying to search my softwares but to no avail. What I have is a bunch of converters from avi and vcd format to mpeg. I have tried the internet for free software but it has some limitation on the number of minutes of the video.

When I found out what I am looking for I encountered another problem because the youtube can only 1024mb or 12 minutes of video every download. So I decided to use google video. Later on I found out that youtube have also included an uploader for larger files. It was been since i uploaded large videos to the internet. Anyway, I stick with google and put my uploaded video concerning Pondo ng Pinoy on vodpod for easy access. I am also installing this widget to the sidebar.

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