Sunday, October 5, 2008

Internet social networks

Browsing the internet on social networks give me a mixed feeling knowing that internet becomes a place for merging people with the same interest from everyday life activities to the highest ederas one may commit to. I just wonder that there are people who could congregate on the net for a common hobbies, ideas, industries, sexual life and even for crimes. 

just a though that if there are people who could use the internet even for what we commonly see as non-sense stuff, the more we should ne aggressive on proclaiming the Good News of our Salvation. I ussually ask the priests of the diocese to contribute to ablog so that people may also learn from them. Their talent is being wasted. The internet is one the venue, and I may say, a very powerful venue. If we keep silent, those whom we believe that should not be heard are the one dominating this venue.

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  1. Hello Fr. Jessie

    I agree with you. The internet could be a powerful tool for evangelization. Since a lot of people spend more time in the internet now... then we should bring the good news online too. I used to read bible verses online too and made some of my reflections as well. If you have the time you can check one of my reflections out here at my Sanctuary. God bless.


  2. This is because we are in the modern age and to this, God's word will be spreaded at ease.

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