It was almost a year of absence

Sorry to say that I almost forgot to update this site. There is much of pastoral work especially as we are in the Ecclesiastical year of the priest as promulgated by the Pope Benedict XVI. Yes, almost a year of absence.

And I find difficulty to continue blogging this site and updating my other sites. I have also some problem with my internet connection.

Well, I just hope that my new internet connection will not hamper my internet activities though it might not be the fastest internet connection available but a more stable signal.

I have come to my attention that the Philippines is one of the slowest internet connection in contrast with other neighboring countries. Simply because we do have an updated infrastructure available. Though some internet companies are bragging of their wireless capabilities, I have now doubts about them. They are not stable here in provinces, especially in my province.

A lot of updating is needed with the world wide web, including my email, one of my email address was lost due to time-up of logging required to make it active, the other one has 24,338 unread emails.

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