O Saint Augustine, you have chosen by God the Creator to be the teacher of love, light of preachers and students, Doctor and pillar of the Mother Church, defender of Christian faith and shield against enemies. Let me imitate your example of conversion so that I can also attain straight path towards eternal serenity, and may my heart be a dwelling place of the Holy Trinity.

Pray for me, my patron Saint Augustine, so that my vices and the wrong teachings that I believe in be reformed through the help and mercy of Jesus Christ. Through the inspiration that you followed in the letter of Saint Paul in the New Testament, "to stop living my immoral lives and to live in imitation of Jesus." (cf. Rom. 13:13-14)

Help me, Saint Augustine, so that the wisdom and the intelligence that God has given me will reign. May these blessings will lead my life towards holiness. Enlighten my mind so that I will trust in the blessings of the Holy Spirit and not only to my own competence.

Saint Augustine, pray for me to God, the Holy Spirit, for my personal intentions… (Pause for a while and think for your personal intentions)

I pray also for all the students, especially those who are taking examinations, that through your intercession Saint Augustine they may overcome the trials that they are facing in the questions that they have to answer. That the wisdom and intelligence that You have will become their instrument so that they will be enlightened in any tests or trials they are going to face in their life.

May I live out your examples, o my patron Saint Augustine, so that my restless heart will find peace and enliven in the love of one God. Amen.

Saint Augustine, students’ pillar of strength, pray for us.
Saint Augustine, light of teachers, pray for us.
Saint Augustine, intercessor of board examinees, pray for us.
Saint Augustine, vessel of Divine Wisdom, pray for us.
Saint Augustine, consoler of the distressed, pray for us.

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