Catholic Droid Android Application

This is an Application to help the Catholics. Contains the Bible (in portuguese), examination of conscience for confession. the Rosary, Commandments and Prayers.

Thanks to Matheus D. Pagani who helped with some revisions and sugestions (like vibrate on Rosary) and giving information about the description of Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Sacraments

There is only need to be online to use the Bible. The goal is to reduce the size of the application so the user does not have to download the entire Bible.

Published by  Rafael Benevides. Free of Charge. Please need help to review the translations to other languages!!!


version 2.1
- Now contains the Rosary (with vibration)
- Description of Gifts of the Holy Spirit
- Description of Sacraments
- Added Suggested Prayers
- Translation to Portuguese, English and Spanish
- Way of Cross

version 2.2
- Now you can select another translation of the Bible
- Some fixes in Spanish translation

version 2.3
- Added new prayers

From the Last update:

Version 3.0
- Changed the default English Bible
- Added Angelus and Regina Coeli prayers
- Import/Export the confession (password cyphered)
- Pope's twitter
- Vatican news
- Daily Reading cache
Version 2.6
- You can share text
- Adjust font size
Version 2.5
- Removed Prayer Suggestion
- New config screen
- Evaluate at Google Play
version 2.4
- Included Daily Reading
- Fixed bug that resets the Rosary when rotating the phone

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