In Honor of the Youth

(This is the introduction I wrote in my new Blog)
December 16, the start of the Misa de Gallo, novena dawn mass for the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, is also designated by the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines as the National Youth Day (NYD).

This year National Youth Day is its silver jubilee, the 25th year of the Episcopal Commission of Youth and the culmination of the celebration of the CBCP's National Year of the Youth in connection with the one hundred ninety five after the birth of St. John Bosco who dedicated his life for the youth especially for the education of catholic youth. His relic visited some parts of the country. The Youth of the diocese was able to view it on San Pablo and on Calamba.

The church regards the importance of the youth. Pope John Paul II highlighted the role of the youth and its pastoral care through the establishment of the World Youth Day. The activities of this yearly event has particular effect and fascinates varies of ages and races. 

The author was never been in any of the World Youth day celebration, not even during the 1995 World Youth Day here in Philippines. Maybe through this site people like the author who never had the opportunity to celebrate such a magnificent event may experience joy through the experience of those who were fortunate and  those who can participate in the forthcoming celebrations.

With careful deliberations and prayerful reflection the author decided to add additional blog to be histed in the named World Youth Day in This Blog will contain the pictures, news, history, messages and blog posts of the celebrations the author deem beneficial to the readers.