Joint Statement Mindanao Week of Peace 2011

Joint Statement Mindanao Week of Peace 2011


"Common Word
between Us and You:
Love of God, Love of Neighbor"

This is the theme of the 2011 Mindanao Week of Peace Celebration. This is the title of the historic and significant Letter of 138 Muslim scholars of the world to Pope Benedict XVI and the religious leaders of the Christian Churches worldwide.

Christian and Muslim believes are called People of the Book the contents of which are believed to have revealed by God/Allah Himself. Because of this divine revelation, they have a common origin and a common destiny which they can only be achieved through a life based on "Love of God and Love of Neighbor", a core commandment to know and to obey.

The conflicts, wars and animosities among and between Christians and Muslims in the global society today can be traced to the wrong understanding and/or violation of this commandment. For this reason, we urgently appeal to all Christians and Muslims in this country, in Asia and in the world to renew their faith and life by a thorough study, reflection, and living out of this theme of the 2011 Mindanao Week of Peace.

God be with you/Assalamu alaikum!

Fernando R. Capalla ,DD
Archbishop of Davao

BP. Hilario M. Gomez, Jr.,PhD
Bishop Emeritus - UCCP

Prof. Salipada S. Tamano
ULP Representative