I am deeply sorry and ask for your forgiveness.


I supposed to write this yesterday, but since I have no Internet connection for two days straight. Though for a whole month there is a static connection and disconnection of internet as I have detailed in my blog posts
Why PLDT DSL having problems? and yesterday's post's Internet Connection. Yes, I could have written it to a note and transfer it later here on the Internet. I have done for several times and I cannot remember how many times I did that but well when I transcribe what i have written before i cannot help but made a lot of adjustments and rewriting. It is worse than making a new paper. Just like making two paper in the same subject with different perspective and sometimes with the almost the same perspective. I stopped that practice and go directly to the point.

This is regarding on the viral video that proliferated first in the social media specifically on internet called Facebook about a priest who berated a mother out of wedlock who came in the Church for baptism of her Child.

I am deeply sorry, these are the words of a Redemptorist priest Father Romeo Obach to the unnamed seventeen year old single mother of newly baptized child that Father Romeo officiated at the chapel of Jacobiao, Mandaue city last Sunday July 6, 2014. 

This apology come after an intense reaction of the public to the video release by the Grandmother of the newly baptized infant and the mother of the unwed seventeen year old mother. which was been taken by one of the auntie of the newly baptized child.

This is the transcript of the video:

“Makauulaw na magpabunyag ka og walay bana. Nakig dug ka og laki nga dili nimo bana. Wala ma mauwaw (It’s humiliating to have a baptism without a husband. You slept with a man that is not your husband? Aren’t you ashamed)?” 

“Kining bata walay sala pero ang mama nga nakigdug og lalaki nga wala pay kasal maoy nagpuyo sa sala. Mapasa unya ni sa bata ang disgrasya. Dili unta nga nag happy happy unya naay bata. Oo, grasya ni pero nabuhat ni siya sa sala (This child has no sin but her mother who slept with a man without being married to him lives in sin. She may pass on the consequences of her sin to her child. There shouldn’t have been indulging in their passion then bore a child. Yes, a child is a gift from God but the baby was borne due to sin),” the priest said.

The Video was been removed or the privacy setting of grandmother of the newly baptized child removed it from public viewer.
This was been taken from other source:

I  agree with the Episcopal vicar of the Archdiocese of Cebu, Msgr. Esteban Binghay where Fr. Romeo is situated that Fr. Romeo “The intention was good but the manner he carried out the reminder was out of order. Mora og nangasaba og ultimo. (It’s as if he was scolding a servant),” and   “against the rule of courtesy and charity.”he said.
The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer or commonly known as the Redemptorist, a religious congregation and a Roman Catholic Missionary Congregation founded by Saint Alphonsus Ligouri  and are commonly associated with the image of Our Lady of the Perpetual Help, whom Father Romeo Obach belongs is deeply saddened by the incident as stated by Fr. Alfonso Suico, Jr, the Media Laison officer of the said congregation. “We sincerely feel for the family and to them we extend our heartfelt apology,” Suico said.

The incident though used by the detractors of the Catholic Church to spread propaganda against us should also remind us that how zealous we might be in proclaiming the Good News of salvation should not led us to be distracted from the very core of Christ teaching, fraternal correction and charity. May Mary, our lady of perpetual Help assist us to become more a loving person like her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.