Internet Connection

Although I have already posted my problem with internet connection with PLDT before here. I entitled it as Why PLDT DSl having a problem.   For more than a month I am encountering a problem with the internet connection of which no call center agent could give me an answer to my question. It is also presume that it is not my physical connection or cable connection because There is a connection  bit by bit on my part, the term they call it is limited Internet connection.I would like to reiterate that this is a problem not of what network you are using but more on professionalism and how to address customer support. The problem of departmentalizing our works is on how to coordinate. The call center with the technical team, call center and the analyst system personnel, the policy making body or the admin and system programmer and more of the like. Yes, this is already an internal problem within the company whatever it may be. The customer does not care if it is the problem of what department, the concern of the customer is for you to fix the problem wherever it may be originated  or where it lingers and remain a backlog in the whole system.

This is not only on the case of telecommunication company but of any company or even of the Church as an organization. I usually  tell my parishioners that why it is called organization because it has to function as an organize entity. Now, if different department will tell us that the problem may go beyond their jurisdiction of which they will not admit to you publicly, to whom does the burden of responsibility falls, to the CEO, chief executive officer, president, manager, general manager, managing director, director and so many other names of which I cannot put all here. In every company should assign one to address such problem and would be readily available to explain the present situation.

Since all of use are not well verse on the language of Internet technology they have left us blind of what is really happening. professionalism dictates us that at least the customer should be given explanation whether they ask for it or not. Maybe because we are Filipinos, we are not keen on such a foreign practice of which is beneficial to the company  and to the general public who are availing their services. It becomes an exceptional practice here in the Philippines to offer such information, no wonder development in one's thinking has not accelerated even if there are enough infrastructures available.

going back to Internet connection or to any company offering you a third party tool to examine their integrity of service do not fall for the company they endorse, there is a taint of ambiguity. Such as if you are a PLDT subscriber with their Internet product and services do not use speedtest as barometer for Internet speed use or other internet speed software available online.

From my experience testing at the same time with the same computer will offer you a very considerable discrepancy in the test report. Well, not exact at the same time because there is an interval in each keyboard or mouse click. Speedtest result says 3.10 Mbps and Speedron say 2.43 Mbps while uploading speed covers .14 Mbps on Speedtest and .08 to Speedron. That is half of the result, a 50 percent discrepancy.

Mercy, that is the word that I can utter to the call center agent who will be assign to companies who are not keeping their act together. They will suffer much on the incapacity of others who are sloppy in their works. I pray to Almighty God to give me patience a great one, as well as I pray for other subscriber to offer it to our brethren who are victims of Yolanda Typhoon as well as victims of abuses.

Thank you Lord for giving me Internet connection today. I will also include to thank God for giving me not only daily bread but also daily internet connection.