Share me a part of yourself.

I am tired of people saying that the Internet is trash. I usually respond with the note "well you are not putting anything good at it". We know that the Internet is of a great potential for Evangelization. The Catholic Church is aware of this already but we have to encourage other to share their knowledge through the Internet.

Individual catholic relies on the institutional Church to lead on this endeavor, well we are not lag behind on this issue as the Church through the efforts of some dioceses, religious congregations, parishes and catholic bishop conferences of different nations as well as some Enterprises which carries catholic brand. However, this is not enough, individual must also share the faith received through the use of internet of which today is easily available though the internet providers are sometimes are too slow.

I am still encouraging my fellow clergyman to share their homily, reflection or any thoughts concerning the faith. I am still offering them to post their work either on their own website or blog site or simply to park here on this site. Rev. Fr. Allen Abadines have permitted me to post here his homily which he publishes on Facebook. I told him that it will also widen the scope of those might be able to read it especially those who do not have an account on Facebook. As I have said before I am extending the invitation for those who would like to share their knowledge and experiences of the faith in Jesus through the Internet to do so, and if they want me to help you to walk you through.

Video taping and publishes it through YouTube my daily masses have been for sometime a part of my routine not because I have a great speaker or homilist but because I would like to share of whatever I have that in somehow or another may help someone who may stumble of the said videos. 

Let us populate the internate with the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.