San Pablo Diocesan Catechetical Commission dot com

Creating a website with your own domain name is of a new experience and I am excited of the features it brings. Choosing the Wix as the web hosting company is not an easy decision because of many competitions and it is very difficult to decide if you have not chosen one with a paid subscription. Free subscription is already a domain of which in some way or another I am familiar with. A paid subscription is totally a new realm and you will be overwhelm with the feature every hosting company offers the subscriber to be.

San Pablo Diocesan Catechetical Commission dot com is a site for the Commission of the Catechesis of the Diocese of San Pablo from which the director of the said commission have instructed your servant to create one for a more coverage of the activities of the said commission especially to reach the younger generation.

Why it is only now that I venture towards creating an owned domain name. Well, financial reason could be one of the reason though it is not more a pricey amount but since I have no credit card of my own. The bank would not give me one because I have no regular income of which is one of the requirements in the acquisition of a credit card.

Before, there is no compelling reason on my part on creating a site with a paid hosting service and own domain name that without one. I thank for the commission of giving me this endeavor which has open my eyes on the vastness more of the internet of  having your site with owned domain name and webhosting.It is one of my questions with the webmasters why having owned domain name and webhosting has an edge with those who do not have. 

So, what make an owned domain name has an edge with those who do not have one. For example, a for not having your own domain name versus When your domain is hosted with another domain name like that of before it can access your site which is frjessie will explore the vast archive of of which include thousands of blogs. on the other hand the which is not yet on the net, hoping to launch it after the San Pablo Diocesan Catechetical Commission site will be populated, have almost on the same page with So, the time to search the large database of the internet world is less with that of your own domain than those hosted by another one.

What about a paid hosted side versus a free hosted site.A free hosted site limits your preferences with the available features that is given by the web hosting company. Usually, the  web host offers a variation of services sometime with the same preferences but the free one has limited capabilities. A free web host site can have the same feature but with a less luster and beauty.

Now, I can surely recommend that if you have the financial resources go with your own domain name and hosting service. Just to share with you costs 7720.73 Philippine Peso for one year. The costs may vary depending on your web hosting company. This is one of the cheapest with unlimited bandwidth, 10 gigabyte of storage with a free domain which is, no webhosting ads, customized favicon and Form building and site booster applications.

Visit us at the San Pablo Diocesan Catechetical Commission online site, just click HERE.