wix vs. google sites

I am a google user, I am using many of the google products but not all. Google sites is not one of them. I just encountered it recently when the director of the San Pablo Diocesan Catechetical commission, Rev. Fr. Jorge Seldon instructed me to make a website of the Catechetical Commission for a greater coverage of the flow of information. I have been using Blogger for a long time already though I forgot to update my blogs. Yet, blogger and google site is of different system.

On the other hand, When i asked the director of the Mass Media of the Diocese of San Pablo, Rev. Fr. David Reyes of which company they are using for web hosting, he directed me to wix. I have seen it but have no time to try it and learn the tricks of the said webhosting company. Though you could make use of different platforms and widgets as long as you have some knowledge of the html codes. However, it will add some bandwidth when you are crossing two different sites. it will be better to use one company in your hosting and the available features on it. Finding one depends on your needs and knowledge of the language being used. The user friendlier the better.
This is not to say that these two are the most contender on building sites, there are a lot of reviews from different and various sites which monitors the movement in the internet. These are the only one I am familiar with the moment.

As I browse on the different features that these two are offering, it has even complicated the matter because of the larger scope that both is offering aside from the price list.

Google sites is free but with limited features. it is design for colloborative work rather than a website. It is good for students and teachers for a more flow of information. As I read more the competition that can that wix encounter is Weebly for a more affordable price and a higher ranking for SEO.

My deskstop computer is having some problem in accessing Wix but not with Weebly. Maybe the low ram of my desktop computer is creating some problems because I can access Wix with my laptop.

It will not be out of the two options for the moment, it could be weebly or wix. I am still navigating the two by making some samples from both company, just as pictured here.