Raise 35 Million Pesos in 4 Months.

I could not believe what I saw, so I retrace my steps and read the tarpaulin that reads "Raise 35 Million Pesos in 4 Months."  Well, it is a parish in the rich parish Alabang. However, it has raise some issues on my head. The parish might really be too rich to raise such amount, 35M divided 4, that is 8.75 million every month and 291,666.66 everyday.I just hope and pray that I could have that charism or any of my Parish Pastoral or Parish Financial Council. For the moment the parish is on the 4th month on raising for the flooring of the Parish Church because it needs rehabilitations, the tiles are already broken. Not all of them but many of them are. our expected amount to be raised  costs only an amount of 700 tiles that is priced as 500 per tiles. That is only 350,000.00 pesos that is just a fraction of a day counterpart of the Alabang parish. So far, we just raised a fourth of the amount so far.

Well, anything is on God's hands. We are just doing we can. we can only propose. God disposes. Everything is on God's hands.