PPC Meeting

Every first saturday of the month is schedule for the meeting of the parish pastoral council of St. Augustine. This is to discuss the programs and the threshing out of some problem that the parish and its organizations are encountering.  

One of the problem encountered is the practiced that every organization is being tasked to undertake medical and dental clinic to a certain place in the parishes ussually the barrio. The problem is that since it is handled by different organization, Some organization might find it difficult to undertake because it of their different charism. Somebody spoke that this is a venue to experience the plight of the poor in the parish. There is no question about it but it does not mean that you are equippred to handle the said apostolate. You could experience it by helping them according to your skill and resources but to handle the work is not for all. There is an alignment of different organization to certain charism. Christ himself taight us, you could not give what you do not have.

The undergoing projest will pushed thru to be handled by the Lectors and commentatord guild but next time, a new ministry will be created under the name of Health Care Ministry by a new set of people or by the Catholic Women's League. I proposed it to the CWl because it is part of their charism. If they will not accept it I will be forced to create another group of people and look for those who could handle the matterof which closer to their capacities.