Prayer Request Center

This is the term I coined with the new blog I created "Prayer Request" in After a prayerful deliberation on whether to add another blog from the blogs which I already maintaining. It is but pertinent to add this new site specifically for prayer intention. Well there are already sites which cater for the prayer intention all over the world but I have not find one for the local situation in Philippines run by a catholic. So I decided to make one.
I thought before that I was able to incorporate it on my other blog on prayer but the links is not appropriate and I was not been able to make a section for that purpose. As well as not to clogged the other blogs I already make for some other intention usually for information dissemination. I am still on the process of researching on how to work with the script from which it will appear that all those who would like to post their intention will be seen on the front of the blog using the blogspot flatform. For the moment any prayer request can be posted in the comment form of the said blog. Please come and visit the blog here.

This site is dedicated to our Blessed Virgin Mary on the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

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