20th Year Anniversary

On the occasion of the 24th Sunday of the ordinary time, yesterday the fifteenth day of September, I celebrated my sacerdotal anniversary for the 20th year. I thank god for all these years that he make me an instrument of his mercy and forgiveness. Like any other, I not worthy of this great gift of which God has bestowed   on me but since the almighty has made me worthy, I will try my best to make use of it.

Usually I spent my anniversary in prayer and in silent reflection. This Sunday my sisters, my brothers in law, niece, cousin and some friends fro Sta. Maria, Laguna, visited me for lunch. I also thank people who became part of my life in my ministry who in some way or another have helped me and inspired me to become more a loving person. I thank my present parishioners of the parish of St. Martin de Porres who have traveled with me for this past eighth months.