Catechetical Day 2014

Diocesan Catechetical Day is a yearly celebration in fostering and strengthening of the evangelical ministry of proclaiming the Good News of man's salvation. It is also the only time that all catechists of the diocese meet, listen to the Word of God, pray and commune together as a unit.

This year's team tie up with the national celebration of the year of the laity's Choose to be Brave, Called to be Saints, Sent as Heroes slogan, the catechetical day all over the Philippines have the Theme, Katekista, Banal at Bayani, Ikaw na! To be holy requires heroism. Holiness is not an easy task. It is not only a struggle with people that might hinder us to undergo our deeper spiritual journey but also a struggle within to deprived yourselves of some conveniences for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  It be a simple denial of an hour of your telenovela for a time for mass or prayer and it is clearly that how simple it might be requires a certain extend of heroism for one to deny yourself of something you have been familiar with your routine of telenovela to use the time for something that might nourish your spiritual life.

Pacita Astrodome in pacita complex is the venue chosen for the said event, it is a new event from the previous years that we used as one of the complains that Catechist point out of the use of basketball court in Monte vista Resort could no longer hold the eight hundred more catechist. We are thanking the city of San Pedro through the leadership of the Mayor Lourdes Cataquiz for the free use of the establishment. Though, we can feel some heat in the building even if it is air conditioned maybe due to the large number of participants.

Bishop Buenaventura Famadico have expressed his appreciation to a large number of priests present. It is also notably large number of priest who participated in the Holy Eucharistic celebration.