Beware of Bogus Priests.

Just this morning I received a text from an employee of one of the twenty six towns of the province of Laguna asking me if I have any knowledge of a certain Msgr. George Palma from the Diocese of Caceres assigned in one of the parishes or one of the Catholic institution there. They are asking me because the said Monsignori is gathering information on the name of the chief of police and of the Baranggay captain with their contact numbers and planning to come on Sunday. Well, this priest must have enough time coming there from Caceres on a Sunday.  I have searched the internet and the Directory of the Catholic Parishes of the Philippines Island and come out empty handed. I texted back with the result and with a warning that the person impersonating as a catholic priest may be one of those no longer in active service, an Aglipayan or a fake one. They should be careful in dealing with such person because people who are impersonators are usually good in hypnotizing their target victims.

If ever you will encounter with almost the same incident do not hesitate to ask your parish priest for inquiries concerning the true identity of the person involved. let us not put ourselves in a harms way as well as our fellow Catholic Christians.